Creating Waves of Intentional Change

Some leaders I am working with are focused right now on intentionally shifting the culture of their organizations to thrive in these challenging times. Intentional change is great—but it’s only half of the success equation. Intentions need to be matched with opportunities and actions that deliver specific results. As leaders, we need to accurately sense where real opportunities to make a difference lie, courageously decide which wave to ride or which wave to start rolling out into the marketplace, and then move into action.

My intention for the next few years is to make the biggest contribution I can in the world.

And so I’m doing both: riding a wave and generating a wave.

Starting in February 2013, I’ll begin working as a Principal with Cambria Consulting, a leading talent development and management consulting firm in Boston. As a principal member of Cambria’s core team, I’ll be working on national and international client engagements with broad organizational scope and impact.

At the same time, I’ll be rolling out a new wave. The Artemis website (renamed Lori Collins Leadership) will transition towards focusing on several of the projects I have been developing in the last while, including my 5 Fears@Work leadership workshops, articles and a related upcoming book.

You can reach me at:
615.554.3677 | mobile

Until this new contact information has rippled out to everyone, anything sent to will be redirected to my new email address.

I welcome all your positive energy as I create these new waves!

What changes are you intentionally choosing for 2013?



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