Global Leadership – It’s NOT Just “Leadership Plus”


Hats off to all of us who have made multiple attempts over the years to find an effective approach to develop global leadership. We deserve an A+ for doing our doggoned best to make it work. But we didn’t quite get it right. I think of the days spent in windowless conference rooms covered in [...]

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Developing Globally Adaptive Leaders

A growing number of organizations are hard-pressed to find leaders who can both adapt to global complexities and excel at helping those around them become similarly agile. The good news is that global leaders can develop the qualities they need to meet this growing demand. Tomorrow I will be unveiling a new strategic framework at [...]

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Can Revealing A Weakness Be A Strategic Strength?

This post was originally written by my associate Craig Collins of Orion International and is graciously reprinted with his permission. A few months ago, Andrew Mason stepped down as CEO of Groupon*. Mason was one of the founders of the company and took it public on the NASDAQ exchange in 2011. The letter he wrote [...]

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Leading in Challenging Times


We have, as they say, been blessed to live in challenging times. Yet, more and more of the leaders I work with these days find it increasingly difficult to keep generating opportunities in the midst of a prolonged period of crisis. It doesn’t look like we’re going to see the end of these challenges soon. [...]

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5 Fears@Work: The Invitation


In the past few years, I’ve observed an increasing number of leaders experiencing higher and higher levels of angst. Patterns seem to be emerging, not only in the fears underlying their concerns, but also in who they are becoming as leaders. I’m writing a book based on real-life stories to affirm and assist these brilliant [...]

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Creating Waves of Intentional Change

Fresh Perspective

Some leaders I am working with are focused right now on intentionally shifting the culture of their organizations to thrive in these challenging times. Intentional change is great—but it’s only half of the success equation. Intentions need to be matched with opportunities and actions that deliver specific results. As leaders, we need to accurately sense [...]

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